Yabbay Hover Go Kart

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Yabbay Hover Go Kart with a Bigger Seat and Durable Wheel


  • Transform your Self Balance Scooter into a easy ride on drive kart. Compatible with Most 6.5, 8,10 inch Self Balance Scooter,
  • Please note - Middle Bulge Balance Scooter are not Compatible and Self Balance Scooters are not included with this item.
  • Bigger seats lets you sit in the cart more comfortably and provides better safety. 
  • Added Strap protectors - each product includes an additional set of straps and wheels.
  • Rubber mats ensures that your Self Balance Scooter does not get scratched. 
  • Adjustable frame length / seat position to suit both children and adults. Suitable for users with height 100cm - 190cm and up to 120kg in weight

Added Benefits:
Free Straps, wheel or other spare parts will be sent if broken
Bigger seat, comfortable and safer.
Rubber mat ensures that your Self Balance Scooter does not get scratched.
Wheels - more durable, quiet
Max user weight: 120 KGS
Adjustable frame length, length from 82cm to 102cm.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty limited
Free Spare parts will be sent if broken.

(Please contact manufacturer directly)

If you hear the alarm from the Self Balance Scooter, please stop to prevent any accidents from occurring.
Don't ride on slippery or wet roads and don't use it in rain. Don't ride through puddles. Don't ride on sand or mud. Don't ride on uneven ground. Don't use it in snow or icy ground. Avoid obstacles, dirt, small stones and steep slopes. Use this device only on a flat and clean ground.
Wear protectors (elbow, knee, wrist etc) and helmet every time before riding.

UPC: 767665971037

EAN: 0767665971037

Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 17.5 x 9.0 inches

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