• We give you the SXT1000 Turbo electric scooter. Its not only mean but is extremely strong. Why not take this high quality 1000W scooter off road for some serious fun.
  • Complete with a removable seat you can make your way to your chosen destination in comfort before putting the SXC1000 turbo scooter through its paces.
  • The SXC turbo scooter is a must-have for campers, work places and any big kids who just want to have fun.  
  • Fold it down and transport in the boot of your car, bus or just about anywhere.
  • The SXT Turbo electric scooter comes complete with low energy LED front and rear lights so can be used after dark and can be controlled by a two position ignition key so you can turn them off. 
  • Complete with front and rear adjustable disc brakes and special designed callipers you a will not have any trouble stopping this rapid scooter.
  • The SXC Turbo electric can be transformed from 650W (eco mode) power giving you a travel distance of about 20 miles, to 1000w (turbo mode)  then you get speeds of up to 26mph and a travel distance of 9.5 miles ideal if you want to just have fast fun off road. 
  • Comfort is key when purchasing a scooter; The SXT Turbo comes complete with spring and damper shock absorbers with up to 3 inches of travel so providing a stable and comfortable ride.
  • The SXT1000 is powered by 3 x 36 V / 3 x 12 ah battery packs which gives plenty of power when required and pushes this great scooter to a rapid (42km/h 26mph dependent on terrain), this is controlled by a twist throttle that applies the power with seamless effect.


  • Charging is simple and takes between 6 - 8 hours for a full charge.  Use the supplied charger, similar to charging a net book plug it in and wait for the LED lights to tell you when it is fully charged. 
  • A full charge will give you approximately 32km (20 miles eco mode) terrain dependant. and up to 15km (9.5 miles turbo mode) this is also terrain dependant.


  • The SXT1000 turbo scooter sealed battery pack can be removed with ease for maintenance or charging by simply lifting it out via two handles from the centre deck.


  • SXT1000 Turbo Electric Scooter
  • 32 km/h with 1000 Watt 36V SXT Scooter - White, white |
  • Battery - 36V 12Ah
  • Weight (without battery) 28 kg;
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lead battery 36 V (3 x 12 V / 12 aH) -
  • Operating costs per 100 km: sensational only app. -
  • Speed 32 km/h - Coverage 20-25 km;
  • Carrying capacity / Payload: max 120 kg - not licensed in Frame the STVZO
  • EAN: 4250884917864


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