• Deck- The SXT X2 Electric Skateboard has an ultra-flexible curved deck of the new  Allterain Offroad Board X2 consists of 8-layer hard rock maple with additional fiberglass layers. The deck adapts well to the feet and guarantees a high level of driving comfort even on poor roads or on long distances. The total deck length is 101 cm.
  • Truck -To ensure excellent driving characteristics, the SXT X2 uses Double Kingpin Trucks on the SXT X2 board both at the front and rear. The turning circle is only 2 meters and they enable excellent carving possibilities with top performance even at high speeds.
  • Tires - Due to the built-in 6.5-inch Honeycomb rubber tires off-road routes, scree slopes, and unpaved routes and paths are no longer a problem. Potholes and heels that are almost inevitable to fall with small wheels are no longer a problem and no cause for concern with the wheels of the X2 board. The ground clearance is enormous due to the large tires and thus reliably prevents contact between the
  • The remote control is a 2.4 GHZ wireless R2 control unit with a bright OLED display. With the remote control, you can accelerate, brake, and activate turbo mode for 30 seconds. The display shows information about the current driving mode (economy/sport), battery status, charge status, speed, kilometers traveled, turbo mode, and cruise control.
  • The lithium battery built into the X2 Board consists of a 12S3P system equipped with Sanyo cells. The capacity of the 50.4 V high-voltage battery is 454 Wh. This is enough for a total distance of up to 30 km.
  • The SXT X2 board is completely waterproof and dustproof (IP55). All individual components such as the battery and electronic control are encapsulated and sealed with special materials so that there are no limits to their use even under the most adverse conditions.
  • Electronic high-voltage system - Thanks to the used 12S 50.4V high-voltage system (battery, ESC, and motors), the required current in all installed components drops, which leads to a much more efficient energy yield and a greatly reduced load on all components. Another advantage of the lower current is the lower temperature load on the entire system.
  • Thus, the new 12S system has extremely great advantages over the 10S systems most commonly used on the market.
  • Two high high-powered 1200W hub motors combined with honeycomb rubber tires are perfect for off-road.  We picked hub motor because it is a completely closed system so no foreign bodies can get in such as dirt, sand, water or even stones can get in. This ensures the motor will not fail due to external circumstances. The motor itself is durable, reliable, and maintenance-free combined with honeycomb rubber tires we obtained a very sturdy electric board.


  • Max. range (in km - at 22°C with 70 kg payload) 35
  • Max. speed (in km/h) 35
  • Speeds/gears 18 km/h, 35 km/h
  • Max. motor power (in watts) 2400
  • Type of drive brushless hub-motors
  • Max. payload (in kg) 110
  • Max. climbing slope (in degrees) 17
  • Length, width, height (in cm) 101 x 32 x 15,5
  • Weight (battery incl.) in kg 10,8
  • Battery weight (in kg) 2,1
  • Operating voltage (in volts) 43,2
  • Battery capacity: in Ah 10,5
  • Battery capacity: in Wh 454
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery removable for charging - no
  • Cell type: Sanyo GA 18650
  • Charger: 50.4V 2.5A
  • Max. Charging time (in hours) 5
  • Max. charging cycles 600
  • Cruise control - yes
  • Operation: 2.4Ghz wireless R2 Remote control with OLED display
  • Color: black
  • Material deck: Fibre Glass / Hard Rock Maple 8-layer
  • Ball-bearing type 1614
  • Typ of trucks: front & rear: Double Kingpin truck
  • Brake system: Electromagnetic
  • Wheel hardness: 70A
  • Tires: Honeycomb tires (replaceable)
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Scope of delivery
  • Board X2, Remote control, Front lightning, Toolset, Charger, adaptor cable, USB charging wire
  • Lighting system: yes
  • KERS (recuperation) yes

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