SXC-M2 Electric Scooter

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The SXC-M2 ultimate electric scooter, built for maximum range and comfort so you can cover longer distances, no sweat.

Motor Power 350W/7.8AH Samsung Battery/8.5 Inch Tyre/Foldable

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  • The M2 e-scooter is ideal for adult or students that want to have a new way of getting around. If you find yourself in an urban area and need a new way to travel around, then the M2 E electric scooter for adults is the ideal solution.
  • The M2 has sturdy, rubber front and rear wheels, can go up to 23mph, has an energy efficient display pad showing you all the data you need to know, and can charge up to 70% in less than 2 hrs. 
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  • Legality - please check your local legislation for e-scooters
  • 0 emissions PLEV (Personal Light Electric Vehicle/Powered Transporter)

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1.Product name:M2 Electric Scooter
2.Unfolding size: 106*43.6*115cm
8.Battery:36V 7.8Ah
10.Wheel Size:8.5 inch
11.Max Speed:30KM/H
12.Max Mileage:25-35KM
13.Max Load:125kg
14.Charging time:3-4H

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