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Monster Adjustable Hoverkart for Hoverboard Go Karting Kart


E-Bike properties:

Monster Adjustable Hoverkart for 6.5, 8, 10Inch Hoverboard Accessories Smart Electric Scooter Go Karting Kart 


● Hover kart seat with Shock Absorber for 6.5, 8, 10 Inch Hoverboard Accessories Smart Electric Scooter Go-Karting Karting Kart for Adults Kids
● Transform your Segway or any other hover board into an all new exciting electric gokart with this Hover Kart attachment by iScoot, allowing you to easily attach your 6.5" boards directly to the hoverkart and race around within seconds. With basic control leavers, you can easily control the movement of your segway; forwards, backwards and left/right and the ability to perform 360 degree spins on the spot, pull wheelies and even drift!
● The Hoverkart can be used on different terrains that are often off-limits, such as short grass, dirt, packed sand and concrete, we advise not to use on any wet surfaces!
● Features: Fits hover boards with 6.5 8 and 10 inch wheels. Adjustable Frame Length / Seat Position. Attach in seconds. Race-inspired Seat. Max weight 120kg. Min user height 100cm. Max user height 200cm.
● Not all HoverKarts are the same, the HoverKart is superior because:

1) Uses a high resistance plastic clamp to ensure that your hover board doesn't get scratched, other models use a metal clamp.

2) Has 2 rubber stoppers (see pics) which ensure that when you lean forwards the front of the hover board doesn't scratch the ground.

3) Seat is wider & more comfortable.

4) Wheels are made out of rubber and NOT hard plastic, hence more durable, more comfortable & more quieter during use.