What is the most effective way to avoid flats?

The most common and infuriating problem that electric scooter owners face is flat tyres; repairing them can be a real pain, especially when you’re far from home. It turns out that with a little effort and preparation, flat tyres can be significantly reduced.

Continue reading to learn some easy and inexpensive ways to keep your electric scooter from running a flat tyre.


Here are our most effective choices for preventing (or reducing) flats on your electric scooter:


Maintain sufficient tyre pressure.

Sealant for tyres (tyre slime)

Solid (airless) tyres

Maintain Sufficient Tyre Pressure

The first and most critical check is to ensure that the tyres are properly inflated. The significance of this cannot be overstated. This is because pinch punctures caused by inadequate pressure are the most common cause of tyre punctures on electric scooters. When the tyre pressure is low, the tube does not ‘bounce back' as well and the inner tube gets pinched on the rim causing it to puncture.

Using a normal bicycle pump with a gauge is the easiest way to check for adequate tyre pressure. The gauge removes the element of the guesswork from inflating and avoids over-inflation.


Sealant for tyres

What is tyre sealant, also called tyre slime?

Tyre sealant or tyre slime is a viscous green or coloured liquid that is injected into your tyre to prevent flats or seal ones that have occurred.

Tube sealant is a liquid latex that can be pumped into the inner tube using the same valve that inflates the tyre. As the wheel turns, the fluid circulates the inside of the tube.

When a hole occurs, the fluid spills into it and soon dries, filling the hole and plugging the leak. It acts in the same way as blood clots to avoid bleeding in a wound. Both penetration and pinch punctures are covered by the sealant.

Punctures that are 2.5cm or smaller can be sealed with tyre sealant. Glass and staples, for example, are much smaller than most surface debris. The smaller the puncture, the better the chances of it sealing properly and easily. However, punctures or tyre failures that cause a blowout cannot be prevented or repaired with tyre sealant. Blowouts are usually caused by major tyre or inner tube failure, pinch flats, overvaluation, or extremely large punctures.

We like tyre sealant because it is cheap and applying it to your tyres is a breeze.

Check out our choice of Slime Sealant and Muc Off Sealant


Honeycomb Tire

Honeycomb tyres' purpose, like solid rubber tyres, is to create a tyre that can't be punctured while still providing a good cushioning effect. Honeycomb tyres are made of the same rubber as solid tyres, but they are constructed in such a way that air pockets are left exposed, making them less rigid.

Honeycomb tyres will give you the assurance that no flats will occur. At the same time, they will have a smoother ride than solid tyres and will not need as frequent replacement as a pneumatic tyre.

If you’re thinking of a honeycomb tyre, try these:

Honeycomb Tyre 2-pack

Solid Tyres

To avoid flat tyres on your electric scooter, solid tyres are a viable choice. Solid tyres do not rely on air pressure for structural stability and have a solid filler. Punctures have no impact on them. You may either purchase an electric scooter with solid tyres already fitted or solid tyre replacements. However, they are slightly heavier than normal tyres and you will have to sacrifice some of your scooter’s performance to accommodate this difference.

If you’re after Solid Tyres, these are your best bet:

Explosion-proof Tubeless Solid Tyre For 70 / 65-6.5 Electric Scooter Tire Wheel



Take care of your electric scooter’s inner tubes and they will help you save money, save time and stay safe.

It also helps if you buy your e-scooter from an electric shop like Sxcscooters, because you know you're getting the highest quality electric scooters and the best service possible.


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