T-Rex Waterproof Duct Tape


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T-Rex Ferociously Strong Waterproof Graphite Grey Duct Tape, A High Strength Duck, or Gaffer Cloth Adhesive Repair Tape.



  • T Rex Tape is a ferociously strong tape! It gets its famous bite from co-extrusion technology, designed to prevent de-lamination of the tape. With an all-weather skin, T-Rex Tape holds longer and sticks stronger than ordinary tapes, perfect for long-lasting outdoor applications.
  • It is double the thickness of standard duct tapes, making it extremely strong, yet can still be easily torn by hand.
  • It contains a thick, aggressive adhesive that can stick to rough, dirtier surfaces allowing you to get the job done right the first time.
  • T-Rex Tape has a UV-resistant layer built into its tough skin, giving it long-lasting durability and staying power to last through all types of weather and temperatures.
  • It is made for projects that need intense holding power, ideal for taping up rough fabrics, bundling large or heavy materials, and making long-lasting repairs that ordinary tapes just can’t handle.


  • 4 X the staying power - All-Weather Skin
  • 3 x stronger - Holds Longer
  • 2 X The bite - Sticks stronger
  • UV Resistant with a Double thick adhesive & heavyweight cloth
  • A Premium quality duct tape

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