10x3 inch Off Road Tire Pneumatic Tyre for Electric Scooter



  • This tire and inner tubes are fit for electric scooters only.
  • The outer tire is 10x3 inches, the inner tire is 10x2.0 inches, compact size.
  • The shock absorption ability of pneumatic tires is better than the solid tires.
  • The inner tube would be crushed by the outer tire, make sure the inner tube pump air amply.
  • Please check your scooter's wheel hub is whether or not detachable. Installation of tires requires screwdrivers and metal levers.


Outer tire size: About 10x3 inch
Inner tire size: About 10x2.0 inch
Material: Rubber
Color: Black

Package includes:
1 inner tire
1 outer tire


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