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SXT 1600 XL High Performance Electric Scooter

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Out of stock
E-Bike properties:


  • The SXT 1600 XL is the big brother of the SXT 1000 Turbo. With larger tires and black mag wheels, the ride is exceptional and sporty. 
  • With a larger deck to accommodate the powerful 48V battery pack that gives the XL its rapid performance. The higher operating voltage and when used with the ECO option it gives a maximum distance/range increase of 30-40%. 
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials, including high tensile steel frame, all round suspension featuring twin rear shock absorbers, front and rear adjustable disc brakes. 
  • With Turbo and Economy mode handle bar switch, you can ride for maximum duration or speed. With a motorcycle style twist grip accelerator, the SXT gives you power at the twist of your wrist. 
  • The two position ignition key for powering the low power consumption LED lights enable use after dark. 
  •  Quick fold System makes the SXT compact to store or place in the boot of your car. 
  • The seat is supplied as standard and is height adjustable, but can be removed in seconds for storage or a sportier ride.
  • With front and rear adjustable disc brakes and spring and damper shock absorbers the SXT offers outstanding ride and safety. 
  • The two position ignition key allows for switching the lighting system on which has exceptionally low power consumption 48v LED’s, and the rear lights have brake and rear light mode.
  • The handle twist grip accelerator and a battery level indicator to keep you up to date with your battery charge levels, and a Turbo/Eco mode switch, in Turbo mode the full 1600w motor power is used giving a top speed of 50km/h. 
  • When switched to ECO mode the motor output is restricted to 850w and will provide you with up to 40% more distance. 
  • Charging is via the supplied charger that has a UK/EU Plug which is similar to a “net book” charger; with a full charge LED telling you when the batteries are charged. 
  • The sealed battery back can be removed for charging without the scooter (very handy if you like to charge the battery inside). The battery pack has a heavy duty case that can be carried via two handles in a matter of seconds by lifting the scooters top deck.
  • This model comes with standard DEEP Cycle Lead Acid Batteries. Batteries can be upgraded (simple swap out) later to Lithium (LifePo4) battery pack that will increase your range, speed and torque.


  • Foldable
  • 1600 watt motor power
  • Battery Type - 48V Lithium 20AH Lifep04 Battery Pack
  • Weight - 31kg's
  • Battery weight - 8kg
  • Max Input Power - 2000W
  • Engine output in eco mode - 650W
  • Max Payload - 120kg
  • Brake Light - Yes
  • Brake type - Front & Rear disk brakes
  • Wheel - 96cm
  • Chassis Clearance - 13cm
  • Handle bar height - 120cm from floor
  • Max. Speed 55 km/h (.); No Street Legal
  • Operating Costs Per 100 miles: sensationally only about € 0.50
  • Range: 20 – 25 km;
  • 28cm / width 9cm
  • Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 10.2 x 5.5 inches


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