• For the totally crazy and completely insane, there is good news. Anyone who thought that the SXT Ultimate Pro was already the pinnacle, has been completely wrong - now there is the SXT Ultimate Pro+ with even more power, an even larger battery, even crazier technical data. This model puts everything in the shade.
  • Legendary 2 x 1.800 W max. engine power - so combined 3.600W all-wheel drive, literally explode from the two brushless hub motors and speak for themselves.
  • The front-engine can be switched on or off as needed. In conjunction with 60V on-board voltage, these two engines catapult the beast to a max. speed ​​of up to 80 km/h. Gradients of 15-20 ° (equivalent to over 30%) are a breeze in full load mode.
  • Talking about the possible range with such an over-engined scooter is actually prohibited from the outset - however, this is about 50 km with single-engine drive and economical driving and falls to about 20-25 km in use of both engines.
  • The built-in brake system consists of front and rear hydraulic brake calipers mounted on 140mm brake discs.
  • The power supply of the vehicle is provided by a 60V 23Ah Li-Ion battery pack whose charging time in conjunction with the supplied 2 A charger is due to the large battery capacity of around 10-12 hours. To shorten this, there is the possibility to connect a second, optionally available charger, which halves the charging time accordingly.
  • Also in the lighting of the SXT Ultimate Pro+, it means padding instead of just spilling - on the back shine two high-power LEDs in red - in front a total of 2 high power LEDs and third LED headlights illuminate the way. 
  • The large tread that covers the battery and control technology under itself measures 60 x 30 cm and is so big enough to be able to stand comfortably and safely at any time.
  • The tires are 90/65-6.5 CST pneumatic tires with tubes and have an outer diameter of 11 inches, mounted on two-part aluminum rims.
  • By default, a road tire is installed on the SXT Ultimate Pro+ to ensure a good and quiet road-holding. Optionally, the tires can also be replaced by studded tires to make a good figure off the paved roads in offroad usage.
  • Mudflaps are installed as standard in the front and rear. The suspension takes over at the front as well as behind a central shock absorber.
  • The SXT Ultimate Pro+ can be folded to save space, for example, to accommodate this in the trunk of a car.
  • The brute engine power is controlled by a finger grip on the right side of the handlebar.
  • The max. permissible load is 120 kg with a total weight of the electric scooter incl. the battery of 41.64 kg.


  • Max. Range (in km - at 22°C with 70 kg payload) 50
  • Max. Speed (in km/h) 80
  • Speeds/gears 3
  • Max. Motor power (in watts) 3600
  • Rated motor power (in Watt) 2000
  • Type of drive: Brushless Hub-Motor
  • Max. Payload (in kg) 120
  • Max. Climbing slope (in degrees) 35
  • Length, width, height (in cm)
  • 139 x 62 x 129
  • Length, width, height / folded (in cm) 139 x 62 x 50
  • Weight (battery incl.) in kg 41,64
  • Battery weight (in kg) 7,5
  • Operating voltage (in volts) 60
  • Battery capacity: in Ah23
  • Battery capacity in Wh:1380
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Battery removable for charging: No
  • Cell type: 18650
  • Max. Charging time (in hours) 12
  • Alarm system: Yes
  • Immobilizer: Yes
  • Operation: Finger throttle
  • Colour: Black
  • Suspension: Swing Arm adjustable air suspension front and rear
  • Brake system: Hydraulic brakes front and rear
  • Tires: 90/65 - 6.5
  • Vehicle frame: Ultra-strong 6061 T6 Aluminium frame
  • Handlebar height (in cm): 128
  • Wheelbase (in cm) 110
  • Ground clearance (in cm): 16.5
  • Scope of delivery: Scooter, Charger Manual
  • Mobile Application: (APP) no
  • USB charging socket: yes
  • Lighting system: LED front and rear
  • Foldable: Yes

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